SEO Tips and Tricks for Ranking Higher

Search Engine Optimization is not only important for better carry out of your businesses but also help the users to high their level of integrity. Today fast growing technology and networking the competition is become so high, so to rank a better in quality and for long term SEO is very important.

Google and other search engines like Yahoo and Bing constantly make changes to their procedure to create a better search know-how for their users.

Google Trends

It offers the best possible search quality according to your keyword for better marketing. With every new trends in search technology, search engine are becoming more and more advanced.

This allow us to display interest in a particular topic from around the globe or down to city level geography. Google trend is not a scientific opinion poll it consider one data point among others before describing conclusion. If you target the right customer for your site you will be able to spend your time and resources more efficiently.

SEO Tips and Tricks

Here are some following tricks through which increase the SEO ranking:

Website Faster:

Site speed is one of the major issue which most of the website users facing those are highly rank in Google search bar but their web take time to load or in viewing stuff.

For these to manage the issue we need to consider few things:

Page Elements:

Make sure that you are not providing irrelevant elements that may cause for low loading of the site. Because huge amount of unnecessary data effect badly on your site.

Irrelevant Plugin:

Do not install too many plugins for every single task on your website that may also slow down the speed process of your website.

URL Direction:

Usage of proper URL’s bring your site in good ranking of Google SEO. If you make your website with HTTPS that will be more suitable in the eye of search engine to optimize according to that.

Traffic would be increase and provide more relevant data. Your domain will be clear and easily check out that where your site ranking. Without HTTPS this all could not be happen easily.

User Mobile friendly:

This should be in a way that a user can easily access your website on any gadget without having any trouble. For example, your device not only give complete view on laptop it should be friendly on mobile so that the user can easily look all of your products and services that you offer and easily contact to you.

Improve traffic and engagement:

Google reward those website who have strong user engagement, but when it comes to view as a SEO if the user engagement is low that means the author of website spending less time to indulge with people through social platform. This need to be fix when you want to rank.

Easy Content:

Make your content easy to read, use bullet points and short paragraphs adopt a writing method so you can convince your user by this to stay long on your site.

Usage of Images:

Use quality images that are relevant to your topic, but not effect on your site speed and keep your audience engaged with you.

Value Content:

Try to make that kind of content that you want your users keep reading. Give the most relevant and indulging information at the beginning of your Blog post or Site page.

Social Media Marketing:

If you really want to rank on higher level your social media presence is become more important then. Other social sites like Facebook, Twitter. YouTube, LinkedIn pages show up on the first pages when you look for LYFE marketing.

Keyword Strategy:

The most relevant and important factor of any business or any website owner who want to rank their social site on Google they first have a good knowledge about keyword Research, because a good keyword can give you more chances to rank faster. A good Keyword must have include 3 to 4 words.

Featured Snippets:

Snippets are very important when an owner making a site he must consider it because it includes Meta tags, Meta description and Meta title of the web which always show when someone search about your topic related thing. If you have best snippets your site will be rank on the first page of Google search.

Video Content:

Like images video content is also necessary because it gives a high impact on your site if you put a relevant video and link it with YouTube and share link with your site it increase your rank on both site, and through that it give less burden on your site so it will not effect on your site speed.

Trending topics:

The most useful aspect of Google trend is the access to provide real time search data that is according to the researcher demand like:

  1. Selection of featured articles
  2. Detailed breakdown of search interest
  3. Interest by related states, quires and related topics
  4. Search matrix and keyword the page rank for


It gives you an exact location for your site to be use in, cater your site according to geographical location that will give a Google easy access to show your site on top specially if relevant people begin to promote your content.

Some examples Reports or stats that how Google trend show results about different sites

Google trend is a free tool that displays relative amount of queries, according to the total amount of searches in a specific time and place. One convincing benefit is that it is the most used or trust worthy search engine worldwide.

 From keyword search to manage and marketing your website Google trends bring it to the next level. Many experts generate huge amount of revenue earned by following tips or tricks that used by them and It also increases the website trust according to SEO and Google trend. Competition will be continue with vast growing technology changes.

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