SEO Strategies to Rank Blog Pages

SEO Strategies to Rank Blog Pages

Blog is all about assistance marketing at that point where you get profitable niche. It became a mainstream root of information. There are following strategies use to write and rank a blog post but;

Here we discuss that through ON-Page SEO strategy how we can rank our Blog Posts:


                 It’s all about how we convert our social blog into on page SEO strategy for that we need some specific tools or website to define and work on that strategy for your blog pages.

1.  1-2 Nail Keywords:

         The first and foremost thing is to find a suitable keyword for your niche because no blog no web can’t work if you don’t know what to write about. The word must be specific and according to the market need that mostly people used to search out that kind of word or related to it.

·         Low difficulty

·         High volume

·         High click through rate

2.  Usage of Keyword:

         Make a perfect use of your keyword in your blog post for example if you are writing a blog of 1500 words and more at least you have to consider your keyword in your post 10 times at different places of your blog that will help in better Google rank of your blog.

3.  White Hat Strategy:

         It is a strategy through you can get highest rank on Google SEO by putting significant structure like:

·         Applicable content

·         Well considered images

·         Related links and reference

·         Comprehensive sentence with upright spelling and grammar

·         Distinctive and related page titles

4.  Black Hat Strategy:

         Never use a black hat strategy it will lower your Google trust on you and keep you on the back of rank standards because it has things like:

·         Replica content

·         Unseen text and satisfied keyword

·         Cloaking and transmitting the user

·         Links from sites with non-relevant content

5.  SERP Analysis:

     Search Engine Result Pages is the analysis that rank two web page for a particular keyword or topic. It discover that how a competitor achieve their Google rank. This will give you valuable intuitions and push your business on up rankings.

6.      Heading tags:

Correct headings are exceedingly important, Google scan them to discover the main point of your content.

·         Heading 1: The title include in it that must have a keyword about your business content that what is your blog about.

·         Heading2: This is critical and great to work in both in your head and in long tail keywords.

·         Heading 3: These are subtopics and small idea that fall under your h2

·         Heading 4 to 6: These are use in structuring and styling of your page they have the least about of SEO value.

7.      Be Strategic with your links:

SEO pay special consideration to linked keywords, they have more value than non-linked words and phrases. There are 3 types of links included:

·         Anchor links: Link to other parts of the same post. It is an exceptional opportunity to link your main keyword early on.

·         Internal links: It link to the relevant content on your site. It helps to connect individual content to each other in an associated web.

·         External links: They links to content on someone else s website. With high domain authority it waders your site integrity through connotation.

8.      Image Alt Text:

Images benefits your SEO blogs, you need to include image alt text because it tells that what is image all about or ultimately help to rank in pages. It should be descriptive with context to index the image and keep it under 125 character.

9.      Topic Tags:

It can be helpful in your content but if you over use it will be destructive. It may show to Google that your SEO have replica content. Choose at least 12 to 15 topic tags that are important to your blog and that are not too similar to one another.

10.  Evergreen Content:

It stays useful with little and no need for upkeep. It can be referenced long after it was originally published and valuable for the readers. It includes the following three characters:

·         Timeless: It would not change much and is practically perpetual.

·         Valuable: It must attract extensive views and high quality for the readers.

·         Canonical: The given topic of your business must be canonical or definitive or must be in depth, detailed and took you long to create the non-evergreen content for long.

SEO is based Google trends on going fast developing technology and enhancement in the technology will make Google to keep in change in specific term to grow more rapidly.

No matter how someone did SEO today, their business must need some change in the future to keep update with the terms and conditions so that a business can get better market and will be ranked on higher level in Google Search engine optimization.

No matter how someone did SEO today, their business must need some change in the future to keep update with the terms and conditions so that a business can get better market and will be ranked on higher level in Google Search engine optimization.

SEO is about to work according to your niche and to follow the steps that are fix and require to follow by any single user for better rank in future. A user must have a better knowledge that how he can capture the huge market in future.

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