Black Friday sales: optimizing your seo to gain more sales

SEO can help you get new customers through organic searches without any extra cost. People use specific search terms related to BFCM sales, so optimize your content to match. 

Here are some examples of search terms: 

Walmart Black Friday
Nike Shoes Black
Friday Sale 2019
iPhone 11 Cyber Monday Deals
LED TV Black Friday Deals

If you already have store website with blog for your store, interlink your Black Friday content to your existing posts, especially ones that get a lot of traffic. SEO takes time to get results so create your BFCM content early on so it can rank on the top of Google’s SERPs before the day of the sale.

In Fact this can be the best opportunity for everyone doing internet marketing.

Leveraging this keyword with good seo research can reward you in two months down the road.

Looking at the ranking keyword you can see that the number one page of google is already taken with big player in the market because of the keyword authority. But still you have a chance to rank using long keyword tail.

Bellow is the first page of google using Black Friday keyword.

You can see that usatoday and CNN are in the front page of google on this keyword remember these are news outlet leaving company like walmart, target but if you use keyword “black friday deals” you can see them.

Importance of seo to your businesses

If your site is optimized with seo search engine optimization for the type of product you offer

It will yield abundance of customers to your business. Here are some of the benefits.

 1 increase website traffic

The more traffic you get the more chances are for selling your product.

2 brand awareness

Ranking higher in search engine means becoming more visible to online users even if not all of them will choose to click the link or your side there is still be an increase brand awareness.

 3 improve cost effectiveness

With SEO you can focus your Market strategy on online uses actively looking for product.

 4 increase   site usability

When SEO followed properly your site will be easy to navigate because you follow the best guideline for you to rank.

5  easier  determined   ROI 

I if you understand the keyword customer base you will leverage the profit by knowing when to buy and sell.

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