Our sites are responsive, which means they work on any size screen, including iPhones and tablets. We follow the latest design trends: minimalistic, flat design, with wide layouts are certainly in style right now.

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Our sites are built to get leads. We are always learning and we follow the latest conversion research to build sites that are effective at turning visitors into clients.

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Manipulating the HTML DOM has become the most widely accepted practice of manipulating a Web page so content will be rendered even if JavaScript is disabled in the browser. Since the HTML DOM is always present, there's no more worrying about browser settings either.

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We believe being great at something is not the endpoint — but the starting point. Even if you don't know exactly what you may need to boost business, finding an aesthetically purposeful yet functional product is our business, not yours. We don’t just build websites, design logos or build apps — we’ve been in this business long enough to be able to anticipate what people want to see, do, feel, touch, and we meet these expectations with services that set new industry standards. We love a challenge and we’re always looking for new ways that we can make a difference — as this has become the driving force behind everything we do.

The Old State doesn’t just do web design. We have taken all our years of experience and knowledge of developing and designing, building and creating and personalizing web based products and apply that to take businesses to the next level. This is can be anything that involves creating an interesting and interactive experience that in turn allows for a great website, app, logo, etc to be created at the end of it. If you can imagine it — We can design and build it…as well as develop and adapt whatever back-end functionality required for the task so that you can navigate it with ease and finesse. If you can dream it, we can build it.

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