Content: Marketing Playbook for Content Marketing Beginners

The Content Marketing Playbook contains all procedures that imitates a plan, an approach or strategy, investment activity that define scheduled responses that will worked out for your site. It helps in visualized target, enhancement model and to achieve specific goals. They have to gather all the information before making their own content.


         It is an interaction between the creator and the users, through SEO content writing any individual or a company can make the audience readable that what they are here for.

SEO content is most important and only tool through which you can get higher rank on social marketing platform. Content marketing playbook not only focus on the simple task they give the chance to covert in revenue.

We are going to discuss 2 types of content here:

1.      Interactive Content:

User’s attention are limited because today’s user are quiet busy in many stuff, so the interactive content not only procure user to watch and read but they engage their audience by sharing real time experience.

·         Attract and influence buyers

·         Help increase business revenue

·         More encourage and sharing

·         Boost publicity and credibility

·         Complement web design

·         Generate traffic

2.      Digital Content Creator:

It includes digital data that provide information which is digitally broadcast, streamed or contained. This will educate, entertain, encourage or convert their audience to generate revenue.

·         Live videos

·         Live chats

·         Link pages

·         Q&A

·         Guest posts

·         Build an app

·         Chrome extension

·         Free Tools/ Paid Tools

·         PDF

·         Plugins, etc.

Playbook Content for Marketing Beginners

SEO plays an important role in content marketing, this is the only organic way through which we can get traffic on our sites. A beginners must have knowledge about how to write a good content to market their website and the playbook is another role in marketing term to work as a reference model to help the team towards victory.

Playbook Marketing Vision Strategy:

“Towards the actionable strategy, what needs to be done that similar in visualize teams, targeted goal and continuous improvement model to achieve their aims to be successful.’’

Content Marketing Lifecycle:

SEO Playbook Content Marketing is very important to establish through Google terms and conditions are more suitable for long term market building.

Here we discuss some tips or guidelines those are necessary to follow:

1.      SEO Audit:

The audit of your website is necessary because that make you able to know about your site pros and cons, then you can take action according to that and make your site fruitful for future.

2.      Backlinks Audit:

Google give more importance to the backlinks sites because it gives more traffic and if you apply backlinks in fair way that will increase your market traffic and leads your site on a higher rank in search engine.

3.      Buyers Personas:

That is the most relevant content because if you know target market you will create content for them only. This means tapping into the main issue of your personas not only optimize search engine but also optimize keyword for them so that they get target to your keyword content.

4.      Guest Posting:

It’s a recommendable strategy to market your content, but you do not go directly publish your links through this strategy you have to be fair, actionable, fresh and relevant statistics in your first concern. That’s one of those time you have to choose your men sensibly.

5.      Diversify Content:

Diversification helps to keep your audience and cater to different forms of communication and expression. Here are some few formats you can add in your content:

·         Info graphics: Through this you can customize your web content on different platform that leads to generate traffic.

·         Videos: Make relevant video regarding your content and post on video site that will also increase relevant traffic.

·         Review: Link your site in specific review site so the relevant audience can come and that increase your site rank.

·         Mobile application: Need to be designed to help your customers do something they need easy interface that is integrated with the social networks.

6.      Micro Blogging & Social Media:

Be a source for others participate and get involved genuinely to create compelling content. Add your social media icons to the top of every content e.g. use the Facebook button on your content.

7.      Forums Posting:

To promote your website Quora and Reddit are more authentic hubs that provide most relevant information and authentic answer to the questions. Make it relevant and transparent these medium can bring more organic traffic to your website.

8.      Podcast Content:

It is the possibility to reimagine your content by creating a blog to gain listeners insights. By creating voice content for your site it increase the user experience and increase search volume.

9.      Site Speed:

Site speed is one of the major factor that effect on site ranking or traffic issue. If the creator do not consider it important because site speed is totally depend on your content how heavy images videos and irrelevant data you used in your site. Proper usage of content increase the credibility of your website.

10.  Structured Data:

This is a fantastic way to boost the chances of your information being read distinctly to your target audience. There are many types to measure structured data but SCHEMA Markup is the best way to measure according to Google. It gives the quick rundown of what your page is about that helps to rank better.

 Content Playbook Marketing Strategy is linked to Off Page SEO because content is totally based on SEO policy to be rank in Google search engine and to get traffic by marketing your content. The website creator must follow the On and Off page SEO strategies to come on the first page on Google. Through these increased your site experience and they get more benefits by getting easy access, suitable information links with other related social site to get material in different ways. This all seems prodigious and even the basics of SEO can give you higher click, more engagement and of course ranking.

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