Online Social Media Content Marketing For Beginners

When we communicated about the foundation, publications and dissemination of ideas for targeted viewers online we call that content marketing. This is made for online purpose only because content has risen to its fair throne and it is at the center of online marketing.

Content marketing is convenient if you are just about to start online marketing or social media marketing. For beginners, basics are important to understand the strategies or ups and downs of content marketing.

What it is all about

         Due to change in the fast growing technology people are more relay on internet through which they can get more benefit today. Businesses are growing and getting better in implementing technology and getting higher revenue.  Through that they convert audience into social media marketing and online marketing.

Online Social Media Content Marketing For Beginners

Online and social media marketing both are similar because they are working to rank on internet through some different strategies. We will discuss one by one both marketing strategies here:

1.      Online marketing:

This is a determination that helps you to spread out the word about your business that uses the internet to influence people. We have talked about SEO but many people use SEM (Search engine Marketing) in which they pay Google for their ads to come on the front page to get traffic and relevant people for their business. They also use different tools like;

Email Marketing:

It seems an old version to contact with your spectators but consider effective channel because once your customer give consent to contact them, you can email them at any time providing assessment and asking them to buy when the time is right.

Affiliate marketing:

It is consider as a recommendation marketing where you share profit with associated marketers for promoting each other products and services.

Content Marketing:

By sharing your content on different online social site to get traffic and targeted audience or increase the credibility of your content.

Customer Relationship Management:

To build a strong relation with your customer is the main goal of online marketing because this is the only way through which you can get benefits from customer last for long.

  Pay-Per-Click ADS:

This is one of the major strategy to do online business that they are getting revenue on per clicks if the targeted audience visits to their site through ads they pay to Google on per click and they also get from per click.

2.      Social Media Marketing:

It is all about to use social stage to get viewers on your website to create awareness about your product or services. They contain current and potential customers like bloggers, prospective employees, correspondents and general public.

Social media marketing Process

         This is the method through which you can generate content that modified the framework of each individual social sites in order to drive user engagement and sharing.

We will discuss about the process here:

Business Objective:

It is significant to cultivate a smart goal for your business and each goal should be;

·         Specific

·         Measureable

·         Attainable

·         Relevant

·         Time bound

Must support your goals with marketing strategy that will make it easier to show the value of your work.

Gather Real Time Data:

Through social analytics you can get real time information about your audience about their language, how they interrelate with your brand on social site. These policies allow you to improve your strategy and target your social ads.

Competitive Analysis:

It include strength and weakness comparative to your competitors and it will help you to know about;

·         Classify your competitors

·         Which platform they use mostly

·         What they are doing now

·         Know their fears

·         Recognize gap in your own policy

Content Calendar:

Social sites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Pinterest gives you the opportunity to schedule posting content so that it will be easy to access your targeting audience on time.

Conduct Audit:

Inspect your current determinations take a step back and look at what you have already done and accomplished.

·         What is working or what’s not

·         Who is linking with you on social media

·         Which network your target spectators use

·         How is your social presence moderately from your competitors

What is the best time to post and market content on twitter?

Social media is always developing and user behavior is changes with it. To get the most eyes conceivable on your content and maximize commitment by knowing the best times to post on social networks.

This is not easy to estimate that when your audience in your niche are starving for the latest information. It is important to know that how your audience uses social platforms and what they want out of your content.

 Best Time to post on Twitter

Twitter presents a huge chance for brands to connect directly with audience and manage customer care. It provide a success to social opinion and discussion that can update your brand strategy.

·         Best time to post: Wednesday at 9 a.m. and Friday at 9 a.m.

·         Best days: Tuesday and Wednesday

·         Most Reliable Engagement: Monday to Friday through 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

·         Worst day: Saturday gets the least engagement·        

. Lowest engagement: It occurs every day from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m.

Black Friday sales: optimizing your seo to gain more sales

SEO can help you get new customers through organic searches without any extra cost. People use specific search terms related to BFCM sales, so optimize your content to match. 

Here are some examples of search terms: 

Walmart Black Friday
Nike Shoes Black
Friday Sale 2019
iPhone 11 Cyber Monday Deals
LED TV Black Friday Deals

If you already have store website with blog for your store, interlink your Black Friday content to your existing posts, especially ones that get a lot of traffic. SEO takes time to get results so create your BFCM content early on so it can rank on the top of Google’s SERPs before the day of the sale.

In Fact this can be the best opportunity for everyone doing internet marketing.

Leveraging this keyword with good seo research can reward you in two months down the road.

Looking at the ranking keyword you can see that the number one page of google is already taken with big player in the market because of the keyword authority. But still you have a chance to rank using long keyword tail.

Bellow is the first page of google using Black Friday keyword.

You can see that usatoday and CNN are in the front page of google on this keyword remember these are news outlet leaving company like walmart, target but if you use keyword “black friday deals” you can see them.

Importance of seo to your businesses

If your site is optimized with seo search engine optimization for the type of product you offer

It will yield abundance of customers to your business. Here are some of the benefits.

 1 increase website traffic

The more traffic you get the more chances are for selling your product.

2 brand awareness

Ranking higher in search engine means becoming more visible to online users even if not all of them will choose to click the link or your side there is still be an increase brand awareness.

 3 improve cost effectiveness

With SEO you can focus your Market strategy on online uses actively looking for product.

 4 increase   site usability

When SEO followed properly your site will be easy to navigate because you follow the best guideline for you to rank.

5  easier  determined   ROI 

I if you understand the keyword customer base you will leverage the profit by knowing when to buy and sell.