Introduction to ruby

Ruby is not the universal panacea for programmers’ problems.

There will always be times when you’ll need a particular language: the environment may dictate it, you may have special libraries you need, performance concerns, or simply an issue with training.

We haven’t given up languages such as Java and C++ entirely (although there are times when we wish we could).

However, Ruby is probably more applicable than you might think. It is easy to extend, both from within the language and by linking in third-party libraries.

It is portable across a number of platforms. It’s relatively lightweight and consumes only modest system resources.

And it’s easy to learn;

As like any other language ruby follow the same paradigm of object oriented programming

Once you get comfortable with Ruby, we think you’ll keep coming back to it as your language of choice.

The easiest way to run Ruby interactively is simply to type “ruby” at the shell prompt.

% ruby
puts "Hello, world!"
Hello, world!

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