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Online Social Media Content Marketing For Beginners

When we communicated about the foundation, publications and dissemination of ideas for targeted viewers online we call that content marketing. This is made for online purpose only because content has risen to its fair throne and it is at the center of online marketing.

Content marketing is convenient if you are just about to start online marketing or social media marketing. For beginners, basics are important to understand the strategies or ups and downs of content marketing.

What it is all about

         Due to change in the fast growing technology people are more relay on internet through which they can get more benefit today. Businesses are growing and getting better in implementing technology and getting higher revenue.  Through that they convert audience into social media marketing and online marketing.

Online Social Media Content Marketing For Beginners

Online and social media marketing both are similar because they are working to rank on internet through some different strategies. We will discuss one by one both marketing strategies here:

1.      Online marketing:

This is a determination that helps you to spread out the word about your business that uses the internet to influence people. We have talked about SEO but many people use SEM (Search engine Marketing) in which they pay Google for their ads to come on the front page to get traffic and relevant people for their business. They also use different tools like;

Email Marketing:

It seems an old version to contact with your spectators but consider effective channel because once your customer give consent to contact them, you can email them at any time providing assessment and asking them to buy when the time is right.

Affiliate marketing:

It is consider as a recommendation marketing where you share profit with associated marketers for promoting each other products and services.

Content Marketing:

By sharing your content on different online social site to get traffic and targeted audience or increase the credibility of your content.

Customer Relationship Management:

To build a strong relation with your customer is the main goal of online marketing because this is the only way through which you can get benefits from customer last for long.

  Pay-Per-Click ADS:

This is one of the major strategy to do online business that they are getting revenue on per clicks if the targeted audience visits to their site through ads they pay to Google on per click and they also get from per click.

2.      Social Media Marketing:

It is all about to use social stage to get viewers on your website to create awareness about your product or services. They contain current and potential customers like bloggers, prospective employees, correspondents and general public.

Social media marketing Process

         This is the method through which you can generate content that modified the framework of each individual social sites in order to drive user engagement and sharing.

We will discuss about the process here:

Business Objective:

It is significant to cultivate a smart goal for your business and each goal should be;

·         Specific

·         Measureable

·         Attainable

·         Relevant

·         Time bound

Must support your goals with marketing strategy that will make it easier to show the value of your work.

Gather Real Time Data:

Through social analytics you can get real time information about your audience about their language, how they interrelate with your brand on social site. These policies allow you to improve your strategy and target your social ads.

Competitive Analysis:

It include strength and weakness comparative to your competitors and it will help you to know about;

·         Classify your competitors

·         Which platform they use mostly

·         What they are doing now

·         Know their fears

·         Recognize gap in your own policy

Content Calendar:

Social sites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Pinterest gives you the opportunity to schedule posting content so that it will be easy to access your targeting audience on time.

Conduct Audit:

Inspect your current determinations take a step back and look at what you have already done and accomplished.

·         What is working or what’s not

·         Who is linking with you on social media

·         Which network your target spectators use

·         How is your social presence moderately from your competitors

What is the best time to post and market content on twitter?

Social media is always developing and user behavior is changes with it. To get the most eyes conceivable on your content and maximize commitment by knowing the best times to post on social networks.

This is not easy to estimate that when your audience in your niche are starving for the latest information. It is important to know that how your audience uses social platforms and what they want out of your content.

 Best Time to post on Twitter

Twitter presents a huge chance for brands to connect directly with audience and manage customer care. It provide a success to social opinion and discussion that can update your brand strategy.

·         Best time to post: Wednesday at 9 a.m. and Friday at 9 a.m.

·         Best days: Tuesday and Wednesday

·         Most Reliable Engagement: Monday to Friday through 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

·         Worst day: Saturday gets the least engagement·        

. Lowest engagement: It occurs every day from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m.

Content: Marketing Playbook for Content Marketing Beginners

The Content Marketing Playbook contains all procedures that imitates a plan, an approach or strategy, investment activity that define scheduled responses that will worked out for your site. It helps in visualized target, enhancement model and to achieve specific goals. They have to gather all the information before making their own content.


         It is an interaction between the creator and the users, through SEO content writing any individual or a company can make the audience readable that what they are here for.

SEO content is most important and only tool through which you can get higher rank on social marketing platform. Content marketing playbook not only focus on the simple task they give the chance to covert in revenue.

We are going to discuss 2 types of content here:

1.      Interactive Content:

User’s attention are limited because today’s user are quiet busy in many stuff, so the interactive content not only procure user to watch and read but they engage their audience by sharing real time experience.

·         Attract and influence buyers

·         Help increase business revenue

·         More encourage and sharing

·         Boost publicity and credibility

·         Complement web design

·         Generate traffic

2.      Digital Content Creator:

It includes digital data that provide information which is digitally broadcast, streamed or contained. This will educate, entertain, encourage or convert their audience to generate revenue.

·         Live videos

·         Live chats

·         Link pages

·         Q&A

·         Guest posts

·         Build an app

·         Chrome extension

·         Free Tools/ Paid Tools

·         PDF

·         Plugins, etc.

Playbook Content for Marketing Beginners

SEO plays an important role in content marketing, this is the only organic way through which we can get traffic on our sites. A beginners must have knowledge about how to write a good content to market their website and the playbook is another role in marketing term to work as a reference model to help the team towards victory.

Playbook Marketing Vision Strategy:

“Towards the actionable strategy, what needs to be done that similar in visualize teams, targeted goal and continuous improvement model to achieve their aims to be successful.’’

Content Marketing Lifecycle:

SEO Playbook Content Marketing is very important to establish through Google terms and conditions are more suitable for long term market building.

Here we discuss some tips or guidelines those are necessary to follow:

1.      SEO Audit:

The audit of your website is necessary because that make you able to know about your site pros and cons, then you can take action according to that and make your site fruitful for future.

2.      Backlinks Audit:

Google give more importance to the backlinks sites because it gives more traffic and if you apply backlinks in fair way that will increase your market traffic and leads your site on a higher rank in search engine.

3.      Buyers Personas:

That is the most relevant content because if you know target market you will create content for them only. This means tapping into the main issue of your personas not only optimize search engine but also optimize keyword for them so that they get target to your keyword content.

4.      Guest Posting:

It’s a recommendable strategy to market your content, but you do not go directly publish your links through this strategy you have to be fair, actionable, fresh and relevant statistics in your first concern. That’s one of those time you have to choose your men sensibly.

5.      Diversify Content:

Diversification helps to keep your audience and cater to different forms of communication and expression. Here are some few formats you can add in your content:

·         Info graphics: Through this you can customize your web content on different platform that leads to generate traffic.

·         Videos: Make relevant video regarding your content and post on video site that will also increase relevant traffic.

·         Review: Link your site in specific review site so the relevant audience can come and that increase your site rank.

·         Mobile application: Need to be designed to help your customers do something they need easy interface that is integrated with the social networks.

6.      Micro Blogging & Social Media:

Be a source for others participate and get involved genuinely to create compelling content. Add your social media icons to the top of every content e.g. use the Facebook button on your content.

7.      Forums Posting:

To promote your website Quora and Reddit are more authentic hubs that provide most relevant information and authentic answer to the questions. Make it relevant and transparent these medium can bring more organic traffic to your website.

8.      Podcast Content:

It is the possibility to reimagine your content by creating a blog to gain listeners insights. By creating voice content for your site it increase the user experience and increase search volume.

9.      Site Speed:

Site speed is one of the major factor that effect on site ranking or traffic issue. If the creator do not consider it important because site speed is totally depend on your content how heavy images videos and irrelevant data you used in your site. Proper usage of content increase the credibility of your website.

10.  Structured Data:

This is a fantastic way to boost the chances of your information being read distinctly to your target audience. There are many types to measure structured data but SCHEMA Markup is the best way to measure according to Google. It gives the quick rundown of what your page is about that helps to rank better.

 Content Playbook Marketing Strategy is linked to Off Page SEO because content is totally based on SEO policy to be rank in Google search engine and to get traffic by marketing your content. The website creator must follow the On and Off page SEO strategies to come on the first page on Google. Through these increased your site experience and they get more benefits by getting easy access, suitable information links with other related social site to get material in different ways. This all seems prodigious and even the basics of SEO can give you higher click, more engagement and of course ranking.

SEO Strategies to Rank Blog Pages

SEO Strategies to Rank Blog Pages

Blog is all about assistance marketing at that point where you get profitable niche. It became a mainstream root of information. There are following strategies use to write and rank a blog post but;

Here we discuss that through ON-Page SEO strategy how we can rank our Blog Posts:


                 It’s all about how we convert our social blog into on page SEO strategy for that we need some specific tools or website to define and work on that strategy for your blog pages.

1.  1-2 Nail Keywords:

         The first and foremost thing is to find a suitable keyword for your niche because no blog no web can’t work if you don’t know what to write about. The word must be specific and according to the market need that mostly people used to search out that kind of word or related to it.

·         Low difficulty

·         High volume

·         High click through rate

2.  Usage of Keyword:

         Make a perfect use of your keyword in your blog post for example if you are writing a blog of 1500 words and more at least you have to consider your keyword in your post 10 times at different places of your blog that will help in better Google rank of your blog.

3.  White Hat Strategy:

         It is a strategy through you can get highest rank on Google SEO by putting significant structure like:

·         Applicable content

·         Well considered images

·         Related links and reference

·         Comprehensive sentence with upright spelling and grammar

·         Distinctive and related page titles

4.  Black Hat Strategy:

         Never use a black hat strategy it will lower your Google trust on you and keep you on the back of rank standards because it has things like:

·         Replica content

·         Unseen text and satisfied keyword

·         Cloaking and transmitting the user

·         Links from sites with non-relevant content

5.  SERP Analysis:

     Search Engine Result Pages is the analysis that rank two web page for a particular keyword or topic. It discover that how a competitor achieve their Google rank. This will give you valuable intuitions and push your business on up rankings.

6.      Heading tags:

Correct headings are exceedingly important, Google scan them to discover the main point of your content.

·         Heading 1: The title include in it that must have a keyword about your business content that what is your blog about.

·         Heading2: This is critical and great to work in both in your head and in long tail keywords.

·         Heading 3: These are subtopics and small idea that fall under your h2

·         Heading 4 to 6: These are use in structuring and styling of your page they have the least about of SEO value.

7.      Be Strategic with your links:

SEO pay special consideration to linked keywords, they have more value than non-linked words and phrases. There are 3 types of links included:

·         Anchor links: Link to other parts of the same post. It is an exceptional opportunity to link your main keyword early on.

·         Internal links: It link to the relevant content on your site. It helps to connect individual content to each other in an associated web.

·         External links: They links to content on someone else s website. With high domain authority it waders your site integrity through connotation.

8.      Image Alt Text:

Images benefits your SEO blogs, you need to include image alt text because it tells that what is image all about or ultimately help to rank in pages. It should be descriptive with context to index the image and keep it under 125 character.

9.      Topic Tags:

It can be helpful in your content but if you over use it will be destructive. It may show to Google that your SEO have replica content. Choose at least 12 to 15 topic tags that are important to your blog and that are not too similar to one another.

10.  Evergreen Content:

It stays useful with little and no need for upkeep. It can be referenced long after it was originally published and valuable for the readers. It includes the following three characters:

·         Timeless: It would not change much and is practically perpetual.

·         Valuable: It must attract extensive views and high quality for the readers.

·         Canonical: The given topic of your business must be canonical or definitive or must be in depth, detailed and took you long to create the non-evergreen content for long.

SEO is based Google trends on going fast developing technology and enhancement in the technology will make Google to keep in change in specific term to grow more rapidly.

No matter how someone did SEO today, their business must need some change in the future to keep update with the terms and conditions so that a business can get better market and will be ranked on higher level in Google Search engine optimization.

No matter how someone did SEO today, their business must need some change in the future to keep update with the terms and conditions so that a business can get better market and will be ranked on higher level in Google Search engine optimization.

SEO is about to work according to your niche and to follow the steps that are fix and require to follow by any single user for better rank in future. A user must have a better knowledge that how he can capture the huge market in future.

Search engine optimization variables that Google’s algorithm use

The positions of the search results are decided by Google’s algorithm.

Though the algorithm of Google stays confidential, years of experience in SEO have led to a fairly good idea regarding the facets.

The rank of your site is partially determined by search-engine facets.

Search engine optimization variables are those things it’s possible to influence from inside your site that is real.

These variables consist of technical facets (e.g. the level of your code and website rate ) and content-related facets, such as the construction of your site or the standard of the copy in your site. All of these are search engine optimization factors that are crucial.

As well as on-page search engine optimization variables, you will find off-page search engine optimization factors. These variables include links from social media focus different sites, along with advertising activities out of your site.

These search engine optimization factors can be hard to influence.

The most essential of those factors that are off-page is quality and the quantity of links.

Relevant websites which link to your site, the quality, the higher your ranking in Google will be.

Another significant element is the competition concerning the market of your individual enterprise.

It is more difficult to position than in others.

The market’s competitiveness consequently has a significant influence on your odds of ranking.

It follows your main goal must be to construct and maintain the site.

Do not attempt to fool Google, however, utilize a plan. If your site is of quality Position will come.

Google would like to receive its customers because its mission is to index all of the world data and make it universally useful and accessible.

As well as this, Google, obviously, wants to earn money. They need to be sure men and women keep using Google to make this happen.

It follows they’ll need to reveal for.

So if your site is your finest on your niche, Google needs it to rank high.Strategically rank well in Google needs a comprehensive search engine optimization plan focused on all facets of your site and its promotion.

The technical aspect, the User eXperience (UX), the material in your site: all have to be topnotch.

A search engine optimization approach should be developed — that which we call — by you, to maintain well in Google.

Our online search engine optimization training classes teach you critical search engine optimization skills you may apply immediately.

Discover how to re evaluate your competitors and be the outcome during our training classes! Whether you are internet marketer, programmer, a blogger, or a company, little or large: we think in SEO for everybody.

We have got a variety of classes, from SEO Copywriting into the areas of SEO: Structured information, multilingual SEO and Technical SEO training structure and Keyword Research.

There is something for everybody, so make sure you check all out them!Conclusion SEO is the practice of optimizing sites to make them attain a top ranking in Google’s — or a different search engine — search outcomes.

In Yoast, we feel that SEO is the ideal method since you concentrate on making every element of your website amazing to rank your site. Because finally do not use any search engine optimization tips, this may have consequences to your positions.

Practice sustainable SEO, at heart together with your own user, and you’ll profit in the long term.Although societal networking platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram get a lot of the buzz on visitors, search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing continue to push most traffic.

This makes it necessary that you perform search engine optimization (search engine optimization ) on all your digital resources.Search engine optimization refers to some advertising rules that concentrate on expanding the visibility of your site and articles from the natural search (unpaid outcomes ) of the significant search engines.

It is real people reading your site, but since pictures can’t be seen by sites, produce summaries, or make decisions – it is significant that site content is formatted so can be read by a search engine.SEO is made of creative and technical components such as the keyword phrases you decide to aid people find your site, how other sites link to you, how fast your site loads, and much more.

Successful search engine optimization enhances your position in search results, pushes traffic to your site, and raises brand awareness.

This report discusses five of the most significant elements for inventing a successful search engine optimization strategy to make sure your target audience can find you on line.

SEO PlanSEO plans have developed significantly during the previous ten years.

It is enough load them in a webpage’s code and to pick a few keyword phrases.

These days, a comprehensive search engine optimization strategy summarizes the goals you need to accomplish through natural search, and files, in detail, basic search engine optimization components which have to be current on each page such as:

Page Title, Meta Description, H1 Tags, Alt Text picture, Body Content, Links and much more. It should include keywords that bring in your intended audience, long-tail, and short-tail.

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Your strategy should concentrate on profiling your personas to learn what your opponents do online so that you may conquer the contest online, and what they’re currently looking for.

Keyword List The center of your search engine optimization strategy revolves round the search phrases you select for your site, societal posts, guest sites, and much more.

You will not utilize your keywords make webpages and to optimize for search engines, but throughout your whole marketing strategy to get a brand experience. Review your list of keywords and target keywords (key words you aspire to rank in the long run ) on a monthly basis, and change and add key words to remain on top of research and business trends.

It is very important to use key words to be, such as Google or even HubSpot Analytics, always tracked by a marketing software.

This can help show you exactly what has to be altered or maintained on your search engine optimization strategy.

High-Quality Content Even in case you master each the technical elements to search engine optimization, then you should have high quality, relevant content in your own site.

This informative article won’t just help your site rank well, increase participation, and attract clients by your marketing funnel, but it is going to give your pages better bounce prices (meaning traffic will remain on your site longer).

Content comes in many forms and stations, including:ArticlesWebsitesVideosPodcastsWebinarsWhitepapersYou may read our latest site on content forms you may use to help create many different fantastic articles for your own brand. Link-Building Your capacity to draw external hyperlinks to your site has a significant part in how search engines rank your site. Link-building might be the jobs from the search engine optimization process.

Links are being shared by some strategies for getting hyperlinks with guest blogging and thought leaders.

The very best way to build external hyperlinks would be to generate in-depth content that other sites will want to mention to that assembles your boosts in addition to your site credibility and link your search engine optimization rank.

Focusing on this a weekly initiative can allow you to keep a plan that is consistent.

Metrics and Conversion As a last step in the procedure, you must measure and monitor numerous metrics so as to ascertain the effectiveness of your search engine optimization efforts.

Assess and examine important pages on your site where your customers make contact with your site and possible barriers to ascertain.

You are able to monitor the individual performance of a page, if you are using HubSpot. This can allow you to see when it is converting and how traffic has been pushed to that webpage.

SEO Tips and Tricks for Ranking Higher

Search Engine Optimization is not only important for better carry out of your businesses but also help the users to high their level of integrity. Today fast growing technology and networking the competition is become so high, so to rank a better in quality and for long term SEO is very important.

Google and other search engines like Yahoo and Bing constantly make changes to their procedure to create a better search know-how for their users.

Google Trends

It offers the best possible search quality according to your keyword for better marketing. With every new trends in search technology, search engine are becoming more and more advanced.

This allow us to display interest in a particular topic from around the globe or down to city level geography. Google trend is not a scientific opinion poll it consider one data point among others before describing conclusion. If you target the right customer for your site you will be able to spend your time and resources more efficiently.

SEO Tips and Tricks

Here are some following tricks through which increase the SEO ranking:

Website Faster:

Site speed is one of the major issue which most of the website users facing those are highly rank in Google search bar but their web take time to load or in viewing stuff.

For these to manage the issue we need to consider few things:

Page Elements:

Make sure that you are not providing irrelevant elements that may cause for low loading of the site. Because huge amount of unnecessary data effect badly on your site.

Irrelevant Plugin:

Do not install too many plugins for every single task on your website that may also slow down the speed process of your website.

URL Direction:

Usage of proper URL’s bring your site in good ranking of Google SEO. If you make your website with HTTPS that will be more suitable in the eye of search engine to optimize according to that.

Traffic would be increase and provide more relevant data. Your domain will be clear and easily check out that where your site ranking. Without HTTPS this all could not be happen easily.

User Mobile friendly:

This should be in a way that a user can easily access your website on any gadget without having any trouble. For example, your device not only give complete view on laptop it should be friendly on mobile so that the user can easily look all of your products and services that you offer and easily contact to you.

Improve traffic and engagement:

Google reward those website who have strong user engagement, but when it comes to view as a SEO if the user engagement is low that means the author of website spending less time to indulge with people through social platform. This need to be fix when you want to rank.

Easy Content:

Make your content easy to read, use bullet points and short paragraphs adopt a writing method so you can convince your user by this to stay long on your site.

Usage of Images:

Use quality images that are relevant to your topic, but not effect on your site speed and keep your audience engaged with you.

Value Content:

Try to make that kind of content that you want your users keep reading. Give the most relevant and indulging information at the beginning of your Blog post or Site page.

Social Media Marketing:

If you really want to rank on higher level your social media presence is become more important then. Other social sites like Facebook, Twitter. YouTube, LinkedIn pages show up on the first pages when you look for LYFE marketing.

Keyword Strategy:

The most relevant and important factor of any business or any website owner who want to rank their social site on Google they first have a good knowledge about keyword Research, because a good keyword can give you more chances to rank faster. A good Keyword must have include 3 to 4 words.

Featured Snippets:

Snippets are very important when an owner making a site he must consider it because it includes Meta tags, Meta description and Meta title of the web which always show when someone search about your topic related thing. If you have best snippets your site will be rank on the first page of Google search.

Video Content:

Like images video content is also necessary because it gives a high impact on your site if you put a relevant video and link it with YouTube and share link with your site it increase your rank on both site, and through that it give less burden on your site so it will not effect on your site speed.

Trending topics:

The most useful aspect of Google trend is the access to provide real time search data that is according to the researcher demand like:

  1. Selection of featured articles
  2. Detailed breakdown of search interest
  3. Interest by related states, quires and related topics
  4. Search matrix and keyword the page rank for


It gives you an exact location for your site to be use in, cater your site according to geographical location that will give a Google easy access to show your site on top specially if relevant people begin to promote your content.

Some examples Reports or stats that how Google trend show results about different sites

Google trend is a free tool that displays relative amount of queries, according to the total amount of searches in a specific time and place. One convincing benefit is that it is the most used or trust worthy search engine worldwide.

 From keyword search to manage and marketing your website Google trends bring it to the next level. Many experts generate huge amount of revenue earned by following tips or tricks that used by them and It also increases the website trust according to SEO and Google trend. Competition will be continue with vast growing technology changes.